STAR Laces was created in 2018 by Jordan Furr, inspired by his personal experience as a transgender individual. He was looking for a way that he could inform others of his pronouns that would be comfortable and not draw too much attention to himself or break the natural dialogue of meeting a new person.


The shoelaces provide an easy way to both inform others about your own pronouns and give others the space to feel comfortable sharing their pronouns with you. 


The name, STAR, was inspired by two revolutionary trans women, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, who founded the first trans-focused organization, STAR, in the 1970s. Johnson and Rivera subjected themselves to dangerous sex work in order to be able to house homeless LGBTQ+ youth and often go under recognized for their role in starting the Stonewall Riots. 


To commemorate these two women and push their work further, STAR Laces donates 15% of sales to help trans identifying individuals gain access to gender-affirming hormones and surgeries.


Explanations of trans identities and appropriate language to use when referring to trans people can be found at:

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